Marshmallow chocolate ice cream earrings , ice cream earrings , polymer clay earrings , fake food earrings , handade by mimitopia

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Made to order marshmallow-chocolate ice cream earrings! ;-)

Normally everything i make is been inspired by something i have seen and of course taste :-P So in one of my latest walks i discovered the black waffle cone which i didn't know was existed :-D Of course i wasn't excited by its taste which was clasic but the color combination :-P

And here it is..unfortunately not edible this time :-D

Marshmallow-chocolate ice cream flavor on a black waffle ice cream cone! <3 hand sculpted one by one with care and love <3

Each earring measures approximately 28mm x 14mm

The findings are made of 925 sterling silver


Please notice...Once you order it,it takes 3-5 working days to be shipped! :-)

Bon Appétit :-D


These items are made entirely by hand so they are all slightly different and imperfect making them even more unique and desirable

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