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Macarons in a miniature corked glass bottle necklace, Fake food jewelry , Polymer clay jewellery Handmade by mimitopia

Handmade by mimitopia

Handmade unique necklace made by me with lots of love and attention for details.I do not use any molds, they are made from scratch using polymer clay.

For chain i use Ball chain 18 inches (43 cm)long and made of Sterling silver 925 but we can replace them also with longer or shorter. If you need to replace them, please let me know.


The macarons are inside a glass vial that measures approximately 75mm.Each macaron measures 6mm.


Please note that every piece is handmade and unique so they are all slightly different. But I assure you that it will be very close to those you see in the photos.❤️

Care instructions:

They are water resistant, but not waterproof. Remove them before bathing, swimming and water activities.

Please, avoid spraying the jewelry with perfume, it may erode and ruin it!

Clean with soft cloth or baby wipes if necessary.

Packaging & Shipping info:

All items are placed in a gift box, carefully wrapped and shipped in a protective padded envelope. The package is then shipped from Greece, using International priority airmail and tracking number.

Once you order it,it takes 3-5 working days to be shipped! :-)

You can find us also in our little shop in Greece

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Bon Appétit :-D

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